Why choose Global-Air Air Compressor?

Why choose Global-Air Air Compressor?

Why choose Global-Air Air Compressor? All customers care about three points of product which are price, quality and after-sale service.

As for price, we produce high-middle products, and we use high quality components on the market, so we do not compare with lower brand in price whose compressors do not have good quality. If we compare with Altas, Ingersoll Rand and other famous brand, we have obvious advantages.

As for quality, we have produced the compressors more than 20 years, we have strict receiving inspection, process inspection and outgoing inspection process, we follow the 5S quality control, and we passed ISO9001 quality certification and also provide regular training to our staff. We have exported to over 90 countries around the world till now and got good reputation for the product quality and wined a lot loyal customers.

As for the after-sale service, we have the most advanced technology to produce our products. All products are inspected 100% before shipment. We provide 24/7service support with experienced team. We also provide training and guidance of installation to our customers. We are working on building Authorized Service Centers in every country to provide professional and efficient local service for our customers from day to day. On-site services can be provided by our technicians or local Authorized Service Center.

By choosing Global-air, you have selected a well-crafted, highly engineered product from a company with nearly 20 years of experience in the industry.

Post time: May-13-2021